materials we use

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering when it comes to choosing materials for our designs. In cases where we are unable to find materials that align with our rigorous standards of comfort and quality, we are constantly taking the initiatives to establish new supply chains that meet these criteria. We acknowledge our ongoing challenges in certain areas, such as fabrics and trims, and we are actively dedicated to improving in those aspects.

from farm to closet

Our creations embodies a profound voyage driven by our deep reverence for the Earth and our compassionate regard for all living beings.

recycled buttons

We are using recycled polyester buttons and fully recycled wooden buttons for our garments. Our recycled polyester buttons are made from post-consumer plastic waste, which is processed to reduce waste and conserve resources. Our fully recycled wooden buttons are made from discarded wood scraps that are collected from various sources, including furniture factories and construction sites. These scraps are then processed and transformed into new buttons, reducing the demand for new wood resources.

Plantable seed tags

Our clothing tags are printed eco-friendly paper that is embedded with basil seeds. Instead of tossing them out, you can plant them in the ground and grow basil plants. By doing so, we are not only reducing waste but also contributing to a healthier planet. We understand that small steps can lead to significant change, and we are proud to be a part of this movement towards a more sustainable future.

sustainable packaging

After conducting thorough research for several months, we developed our packaging with a focus on sustainability, circularity, and waste reduction. Our design team ensured that our packaging met high standards without compromising on our commitment to these principles. As a result, our garment bags, made in India using 100% organic cotton, boast of exceptional durability and longevity. Furthermore, our carry bags and boxes are fashioned from 100% recycled materials, reflecting our unwavering dedication towards a greener future.